Quote-tastic! A Quote on Books

Hello and welcome to another Quote-tastic post!


This quote is by Edmund Wilson and I believe that it beautifully captures the reading experience of individuals. “No two persons ever read the same book” is an exciting realization because it helps us remember that people have different experiences reading a book, watching a movie, playing a game, listening to music or watching TV shows so it’s always an interesting topic of conversation. It fascinates me to hear about other people’s views of a certain thing, especially if I’m very interested in that certain thing too.

For example, I love talking about video games, watching other people do let’s plays and reading video game reviews because it opens me up to other people’s experiences in playing the game, how differently they played it or if I missed any exciting features in my own play- through. My main point is, it excites me to be informed of other perspectives of things that I love (or hate) because it’s as if I’m viewing that thing through a whole different angle.

Going back to the topic of books, I’m a fast reader and I get through a book quite quickly especially if I’m interested in it. During the first time I read it, I usually get this rush of good feelings and I get lost in reading. Afterwards, I often find myself wishing that I can “unread” a book so that I can get the same feelings when I read it again. Since that isn’t physically possible (…yet), I like to settle for reading other people’s thoughts on it then maybe I’ll pick up the book again. In the next few times I read the same book, I sometimes pick up on things I missed before or I make connections or theories regarding the plot, characters, places,etc. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who does this and other people do the same.

That’s why I love reading. The adventure doesn’t end when you turn over the last page and close the book. It carries on loooong after that. You can relive the same experience or even live the experience of others through their own unique perspective. In my opinion, reading is still one of the best ways of travelling through space and time through your own and others’ minds.





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